07 June 2015

jewelry stuff

Note 4 - 4 responses

9/5/86 4:06 pm CST thomsen / commerce / cerl

    x/ = Jewelry of the games choice:

    x/Super-hearing         increase hearing ability

    x/Mind Cloaking         possible defense against mu types

    x/Fog Seeing (cursed)   can't idea monsers

    x/Enmity (cursed)       monsters are attracted to you

    x/Invulnerability       increases defense(not cumulative)

    x/Strength              duh

    x/Magic Shattering      reduces chance of stunning, etc ?

    x/Sylan Travel          allows you to walk over traps

    x/Power                 increase fighting ability?

    x/True Seeing           see "fogged" monsters

    x/See Invisible         see invisible monsters

    x/Beauty                who the fuck knows

    x/Blurring              added defense of some kind?

    x/Regeneration          duh

    x/Agility               duh

    x/Heat Shielding        duh

    x/Cold Shielding        duh

9/6/86 2:22 pm CST nate / summit / cerl

    magic shattering doesnt allow monsters to teleport in

    on you, i think.

9/6/86 3:22 pm CST outly / medneta / cerl

    what does "x/Curse(cursed)" do?

4/12/88 10:31 pm CST o'halloran / o / cerl

    i had magic shattering on and two enchantresses

    popped in on me.

4/13/88 10:02 am CST robert brewer / uni / cerl

    Magic Shattering lets you toast wards harmlessly (I think).

    It is Mind Cloaking that prevents monsters from TPing in.

    Simon said that if you have MC and MS, you don't decend into

    pimpage rooms (like circles of Wizards).

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